The Lowell Cemetery is a non-municipal and non-denominational cemetery. 

77 Knapp Ave, Lowell, MA 01852 | 978-454-5191

Margaret D. Richardson


Margaret Richardson was one of a number of prominent ladies of her day who were leaders in church and civic organizations. They founded and devoted time and resources to social service activities concerned with the plight of the less fortunate. Among her accomplishments Richardson’s obituary lists: “a founder and active member of the Lowell Association for the Blind for 60 years”, “a volunteer for the American Lung Association for 30 years”, “a member of the Lowell Chapter of the American Red Cross, serving as co-director of the Surgical Dressing Division,” “a supplier of surgical dressings for the Lowell Visiting Nurses Association,” and “Milk Board chairman” (which provided milk to poor children) for the Paint and Powder Club of Lowell.

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