The Lowell Cemetery is a non-municipal and non-denominational cemetery. 

77 Knapp Ave, Lowell, MA 01852 | 978-454-5191

Notable Monuments

Beginning in the 19th century and continuing to this day, the monuments and markers that reside in the Lowell Cemetery represent a distinct history in the Art of Mourning. Figurative works, architectural works, and sculptural works can easily be seen as one walks the paths and avenues of the Cemetery.

The monuments are carved from marble, granite, and slate. There are even a few made from the metal Zinc which can also be found in the Cemetery. Some of the 19th Century Carvers whose works have been identified in the Lowell Cemetery include: Benjamin Day, Theodore Warren, William Andrews and Charles Andrews, Charles Wheeler, Lewis Gumb, Gustaf Carlson, Frank E. Elwell, and Evelyn Longman. 

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