The Lowell Cemetery is a non-municipal and non-denominational cemetery. 

77 Knapp Ave, Lowell, MA 01852 | 978-454-5191

Barilla Taylor

Barilla Taylor was a mill girl who was buried in the First Methodist Society Lot (now Saint Paul’s Methodist Lot.) She died of brown lung on August 22, 1845 at the age of 17. Much is known of her life from a collection of family letters.  Pliny Tidd wrote to her parents that he “had Barilla moved to the Cemetery at Lowell on the 14 of Nov, 1845. Also the Stones Put up, the Whole of them is $12.75.  I had A verse Put on, the cost of Which was $1.12, the Putting them up was 50 cts… They were all good Strate Stones and Engraved in good taste.” We do not know what the relationship was between Pliny and Barilla, or where her body was from August until November.

Barilla’s Poem

Remember Me

Shed not a tear o’er friend’s early bier,

When I am gone, when I am gone;

Smile, if the slow tolling bell you should hear,

When I am gone, when I am gone.

Weep not for me when stand round my greave,

Think who has died his beloved to save:

Think of the crown all the ransomed shall have,

When I am gone, when I am gone.

Plant ye a tree, which may wave over me

When I am gone, when I am gone.

Sing me a song, if my greave you should see,

When I am gone, when I am gone.

Come at the close of a bright summer’s day

Come when the sun shed’s his last lingering ray

Come and rejoice that I thus passed away

When I am gone, when I am gone.

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