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Bray Walsh Memorial




braywalshThe Trustees and staff of the Lowell Cemetery were very saddened to have lost Superintendent Bray Walsh who suddenly passed in January of this year. A memorial offered by the President of our board at Bray’s funeral services is a tribute to the entire Cemetery’s expression of solace for all his family and friends.

Memorial to R. Brabrook “Bray” Walsh by James D. Latham, President of the Trustees of Lowell Cemetery

Good Morning

I’m Jim Latham, President of the Trustees of Lowell Cemetery. I’d like to take a moment to talk about how important Bray was to the Cemetery and to mention three of the qualities he brought to work with him every day.

Loyalty. Bray started working at the Cemetery summers when he was going to boarding school and college. After a period of working at Central Savings Bank, he returned to Lowell Cemetery as Superintendent. But his loyalty has deeper roots. He grew up learning about Lowell Cemetery from his father, Dick Walsh, a prominent attorney in Lowell, and a long time Trustee and ultimately President of the Cemetery Board. Bray loved the Cemetery and he loved his work.

The second quality I’d like to mention is Bray’s Depth of Knowledge about trees, plants and flowers. He read about them all the time and he loved to talk about them. He was careful about any new plantings at the Cemetery and the present day beauty of the place is a testimony to his knowledge and judgement about where a particular tree or bush should be placed. He knew all the large trees in the Cemetery and felt a genuine sense of loss when a tree was down due to a storm or other cause. But there was more than just knowledge of nature with Bray. There was an intuitive knowledge of what it took to be a good cemeterian. This knowledge took him to the prestigious positions of being two term President of each of the Massachusetts Cemetery Association and the New England Cemetery Association.

Finally, I want to mention Bray’s Work Ethic. His conscientiousness, will be hard to replace. He worked long hours. It was not unusual for him to send an email or a report with a dateline very late at night.

Bray in recent months was working especially hard not only completing his day to day responsibilities of managing the operations the Cemetery but also helping to oversee the construction of our O. M. Whipple columbarium project. He genuinely wanted that project not only to reflect the beauty of the Cemetery but also be of a world-class quality. And he succeeded. The columbarium will be a lasting memorial to Bray.

I would like to extend the heartfelt sympathy of Bray’s family at Lowell cemetery to his other family-his wife, Darlene and their family, and to his mother and sister.

Finally, Bray helped to select the following Native American proverb which is engraved on a plaque on the new columbarium wall: “They are not dead who live in the hearts they leave behind.”

Bray: You will never be forgotten.


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